As a dynamic and culturally rich individual, I proudly embrace my identity as a Spanish-speaking African American woman who was raised by a loving Mexican family in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. My journey as a transracial adoptee has not only shaped the lens through which I view the world but has also cultivated the resilient and proud person I am today.
A trailblazing graduate from a Private White Institution (PWI), I stand as a first-generation, minority woman who skillfully navigates the intricate intersectionality of my diverse background. This unique blend of experiences echoes through my artistic endeavors, where I seamlessly fuse Visual Communication Design with Anthropology, exploring the profound designs within the tapestry of humanity.
Drawing inspiration from the diverse cultural influences that surrounded me during my formative years, I channel my creativity into being a voice for the unheard and marginalized. Through my artwork and designs, I aspire to bring about meaningful change and shed light on the stories that often go unnoticed.
In the realm of innovation, I excel as an expert in launching ventures, skillfully combining CSS, JavaScript, and Adobe Creative Suite to craft captivating and user-friendly interfaces. My academic foundation in Visual Communications, Computer Science, and Anthropology informs a strategic approach to branding, allowing me to reflect the unique vision and values of each venture I undertake.
As a leader, I drive the creation of impactful visual identities and marketing materials, aligning them seamlessly with the mission of the company. My passion for leveraging design as a catalyst for social and environmental change fuels my commitment to continuous learning and empowers me to tackle new challenges with inventive and creative solutions.

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